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Personal Property Valuation For Estates and Individuals


StarConsign can simplify the difficult and sometimes emotional process of looking through and cleaning out a home filled with a lifetime of personal belongings. Whether you are remodeling, downsizing, or have the task of sifting through an entire household of a loved one who has passed away, we can help quicken and make this process much less stressful. We have proven methods to accomplish this and we will be happy to discuss your options with you. 

What We Do

To accompany your will and estate paperwork we create photo catalogues and spread sheet reports with the valuations of your items.  These reports contain, but are not limited to historical values from different sources and the provenance or history of the item. For example who originally made that antique rocking chair and the babies who were rocked in it?  I have heard lovely stories from people about the origin of some of their items.  Ask to see a sample of this.

I have sold thousands of items through local and online sales and auctions over the past 20 years. If selling items is desired, our knowledge of collectibles, furniture, antiques and art, along with the resources available to us will determine which venues your items should be sold. 

Our experience assures our clients are getting the most money for their items.

What We Sell

There are many options when looking to sell your unwanted items. If you’d like a free pre-assessment, send me a photo though the contact link below with your contact info and any other details (measurements, colors, age if known) and I will respond by phone or email; whichever is preferred.

Please read Getting the Most Money for Your Personal Possessions

We do valuations and sell a wide range of Items. Below are some items we have recently sold.

  • Gold and gem jewelry
  • Mid Century Furniture
  • Sterling silver flatware
  • Antique dolls
  • Antique and collectible books
  • Fine art
  • Mid 20th century Hawaiian quilt
  • Fine Limoges oyster plate
  • Saint Gaudens’ double eagle gold coin
  • Original Nike Jordan Air athletic shoes
  • Antique buttons
  • Vintage convertible Volkswagen Beetle
  • Antique Dresden china


A FREE 30 min phone consultation is available to determine how StarConsign can assist you.

Call Anita at 707-478-2333


Due to the pandemic, special precautions are essential to ours and our Client’s health and comfort.  If we enter your home or storage we will be wearing a mask and a face sheild.  We require our Clients to wear a mask when we are with you. In addition we will frequently use hand sanitizer in your home.

Home and Storage Facility Visits

A minimum charge of $175 is required on the first visit to your home or storage unit. This includes 1 hour of travel time and 2 hours of service which includes a comprehensive  review of Client’s belongings to determine approximate values and determine subsequent steps our Clients wish to take. Any additional time spent in the home or storage will be at $80 per hour. Payment for services rendered are due upon receipt of invoice. Charges for time spent, including travel, after the initial home or storage visit will be billed at the rate of $80 per hour.  There are no additional charges for travel within the 1 hour frame.  A $25 per hour charge for travel over the included 1 hour time will be invoiced in 1/2 hour increments.  

Transport of Items

For transport of any kind, arrangements and charges will be discussed and and charged accordingly.  

Commission Structure

Ebay – StarConsign commission is 40% of remaining funds after Ebay and Paypal fees are deducted from Ebay’s Final Selling Price. Commission fees include all photography, ad creation for listing in Ebay’s website and shipping to the buyer. Copies of the auction ads and resulting paperwork showing funds received are available upon request.  

Payment to client is made 14 days after item is shipped and positive feedback is given by buyer

Craigslist – StarConsign retains 50% of sales.  Commission fee includes creating newspaper and/or Craigslist ads with photos. We have many years of experience selling items of Craigslist. Craigslist is an excellent local marketplace for buying and selling items. We do all the communication and vetting of the potential buyer and safety is the highest concern.  The Buyer will be required to follow my and your protective and safety needs to the letter with no exceptions.  

Sales to Local Buyers

Some items can be sold directly to a known buyer who is looking for specific items. When this type of transaction is possible, StarConsign will retain 25% of money received for item/s.  Client will receive monies from these sales within 7 days


About Anita

My interest in art, antiques and collectibles started in the early 1970s. I had a shop in a suburb of Philadelphia where I sold mostly early 20th century antiques and art. I loved shopping for Art Nouveau jewelry & antiques, Limoges and Bavarian China, silver, green depression glass, and Art Deco furniture. The experience of speaking with clients and other business owners fueled my love of these beautiful items. I loved going to country auctions and to New York City to attend Sotheby Auctions. I studied art, photography and interior design.

Selling on eBay started as a project for our youngest son, who became interested in collectibles after accompanying me to antique and thrift shops. He took the pictures, wrote the ads, followed up with customers and packed the items for shipping. When he tired of this I took it over, ran with it and have been selling on eBay since 1996. This has been part of a natural progression that led me to what I am doing today. I work closely with people to catalogue their important items when preparing their wills and estate paperwork and to maximize the prices their families will get if they desire to sell any of their personal possessions. I love my work and the wonderful interesting people I meet.

Best Wishes, 



Please use contact form for all email inquiries. To get a pre-assessment of your item, upload a picture with your message below! Be sure to include any pertinent details about the item, in the message field.


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