Getting the Most Money for Your Personal Possessions

Selling antiques, furniture, collectibles and jewelry is a rapidly changing and unpredictable market that depends entirely upon finding the right buyer at the right time. Stated prices in our valuations do not guarantee the amount the owner will get if sold. In other words, when I evaluate a piece and say “we might be able to get X dollars for it,” that is simply my best estimate – based on my lengthy experience in selling items like these and on the research I do on the current market for items similar to yours – as to what your item might be worth if a buyer can be found. It is an estimate, not a guarantee.

Clients often tell me that something is worth X dollars. They may have this figure in mind because, perhaps, they either read something in the paper or online, somebody from another part of the country mentioned this price, or this is the price they themselves paid for it (recently or years ago).

A “good price” is only what someone is willing to pay for something. It’s much like buying or selling a home. The buyer must think “This piece is worth buying at this price,” and the seller must think “This is a price at which I am willing to let go of the piece.” The bottom line is that the right person at the right time has to be on hand to pay that price.

Unlike the virtual online marketplace, retail stores and antique dealers purchase stock for their businesses and often sit with items for many years before these items sell. These businesses charge “retail” for their items. “Retail” is heavily marked up – doubled or more – from the wholesale price these businesses paid for their stock. This is why when you buy something “retail” and later want to sell it, you are often selling in a wholesale market, so you might well be disappointed with the price you are offered.

Be assured that when StarConsign sells your items we will get top dollar in the current wholesale market. It is as much to our advantage as to yours to get top dollar since our commission depends on the price your items fetch.

This is your assurance – beyond any words we can say – that we have your best financial interests in mind.